The American businessman and author Harvey MacKay was once quoted as saying, “Unless you work in demolition, don’t burn bridges”. Sagely advice indeed but what do you do when you really do need something to be demolished?

Fully managed demolition service

Arun recycling are based in Chichester and are able to provide a specialist and fully managed demolition service to save you the trouble of this difficult and unpleasant project. Where appropriate we will contact the local authority and detail how the property will be demolished as well as how the site will be redeveloped. From this point we will obtain the necessary permission, often known as a “prior application approval” and commence work.

Typically, this sort of work would involve the following process:

  • Terminate and cap all services such as gas, electricity and water.
  • Secure the site with fencing and erect scaffolding if required
  • Safely remove any hazardous material such as asbestos and deposit appropriately.
  • Remove kitchens and bathrooms including plumbing and cabling. At this point the recycling process can make a practical appearance since taps, pipes and cables all contain a large amount of copper that can be recycled. Radiators and kitchen sinks can also be recycled as scrap.
  • Doors and windows can now be removed as well as skirting boards and architraves. Again, much of this can be recycled or re-used.
  • Roof tiles and lead flashing is then removed and recycled.
  • Next, the structural timber is removed and recycled where possible.
  • Walls are then demolished and recycled. Anything that can’t be re-used can be crushed and used as hard core for filling large ground voids in other projects.
  • Finally, anything that’s left can be crushed including foundations, drains and debris left from previous phases of the process.

Safe demolition for domestic & commercial property

Make no mistake, to demolish a building is a dangerous task to undertake and not something to embark on without serious consideration. Arun Recycling takes safety very seriously and our managed service reflects this. A detailed and thorough survey will identify the right method to adopt as well as the right equipment use. We can undertake both commercial as well as domestic projects and remain sensitive to your working or home environment throughout the project.

Full & Partial Demolition

Whether it’s full or partial demolition of a property within Chichester or the surrounding area you can be sure that our friendly and reliable team can help. Please call and discuss your requirements further.

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